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in excess of disorder. conquest indicates the act of beating and getting Manage around an individual or some thing. We are finding out Rome's conquests

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get noun [countable] a victory in a athletics sport or in a competitionIt was a significant get with the Yankees.A few from London are celebrating a large lottery win.triumph noun [countable] published a significant victory, especially in war or politicsThatcher’s greatest triumph was turning out to be the united kingdom’s initially woman key minister.conquest noun [countable] a condition wherein one region wins a war in opposition to Yet another nation and will take control of itthe Spanish conquest of MexicoCaesar is very well-noted for his armed service conquests.landslide noun [countable] an election victory through which one party or prospect gets way more votes than their opponentsIn 1945, there was a Labour landslide.walkover Specifically British English, cakewalk American English noun [countable] casual a quite simple victoryThe match was expected to be a walkover for Brazil.upset noun [countable] a scenario through which the individual, staff, celebration and many others that was expected to get is defeatedTruman pulled off the greatest election upset in United states of america history.Illustrations within the Corpusvictory• Their two-one victory above the Australians was entirely surprising.• victory celebrations• He experienced gained a comfortable victory in the final election.• But that does not necessarily mean he has but received a conclusive victory within the debilitating war involving president and parliament.• Florida alone presented nearly one particular-tenth of your 270 electoral votes necessary for victory, when Ohio commands 21 votes.• Probably this represented a human victory over inanimate forces, or perhaps gentleman basically judged it to become so.• It seemed like victory for Kleomenes.• We are extremely self-confident of victory.• Labour's stunning victory in 1997 still left the Tory bash in denial regarding the seriousness of its problem.victory above/from• Serious kept their 100% household record using a three-1 victory above Espanol.• Leeds are by into the knock-out phase right after an excellent four-1 victory above Anderlecht.• the Raiders' 35-seventeen victory about St. Louis• The 49ers want to validate their 7-1 initially-50 % record using a victory in excess of a deserving opponent.• He scored 24 attempts, two of these inside Victory165 the epic Obstacle Cup final victory above Hull.• That may be scarcely a 3rd of the margin of Gore's victory more than Bush.• Way too generally the leadership's victories more than the still left have experienced an unsavoury, pyrrhic quality.Origin victory (1300-1400) Old French victorie, from Latin victoria, from victus; → VICTOR Quizzes

You have not told me!" she inquired, seeking to conceal her triumph at the victory, which experienced anyway been on her facet.

the ultimate and decisive superiority in any battle or contest: The new vaccine effected a victory about poliomyelitis.

victory, conquest, and triumph necessarily mean a success in a competition or battle. victory is utilized for a earn above an opponent or over tricky difficulties. Health professionals gained a victory

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Being a mark on the commander in Main's Particular favor he was sent with the information of the victory to your Austrian court, now now not at Vienna (which was threatened through the French) but at Brunn.

bear the palm To be the top; to win, to come back out on top rated. The allusion is to the follow within the Roman Video games of presenting a victorious gladiator or winner of on the list of video games with a palm department as a symbol of victory. George Chapman applied the phrase in his well-known translation of Homer’s Iliad (1611).

England won't be catapulted One of the favourites for Euro 2012 on account of this earn, but no victory towards Spain is acquired quickly and it is true they consider fantastic heart from their efforts as they now prepare to Participate in Sweden at Wembley on Tuesday.

The extended lances, the large maces, the sixbladed fight axes, plus the perfectly tempered swords with the knights performed havoc amid them, so the rout was comprehensive; but, not information with victory, Prince Edward have to glut his vengeance, and so he pursued the citizens for miles, butchering wonderful figures of them, while a lot of a lot more had been drowned in attempting to escape through the Ouse.

Victory dances and victory cries likewise parallel war dances and war cries performed ahead of the outbreak of physical violence.[citation desired]

"Victory" is about some inmates within a WW2 jail camp, that have a enthusiasm for soccer. Captain J. Colby (Caine), a previous footballer, may be the primary determine in the camp matches that take place. Sooner or later, He's noticed by soccer-enthusiast Key Steiner (Max von Sydow) who proposes him the thought of organizing a match between allied POWs vs. Germans. Colby agrees, as he believes this tends to be a terrific morale-booster and an opportunity for much better jail problems for anyone involved; however, a lot more senior inmates are skeptical, because they think this will be considered a propaganda stunt to the Germans.

Hard trucker Lincoln Hawk is decided to win again his son and triumph at the earth arm wrestling championships.

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